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Welcome to the Underground World Network where the users Mentor the Travelers who Embrace the World... Traveling can be fun, and the stories that go with traveling can be just as fun as the journey. The Underground World Network is just about that very thing: sharing your journeys with the rest of the world. Have a look around, and share your travel stories with us. The site is still being built, but we're making great progress in getting all of the functionality to you. Join now, add your travel blog to our site, and we'll give the first 1,000 bloggers a free lifetime Premium Membership, with all of the perks that go with it. We hope you enjoy our community.
WELCOME to the Underground World Network!


Thank you for visiting, and please excuse the mess as we move this site from construction to implementation. Sorry we have to taunt you in this manner, but it's been a long, tough journey to get to this point, but we've made amazing strides through some very hard times to bring you the Ultimate Travel Advice Community.

Who are we, and what are we about, you ask? Well...

Have you, or your traveling companions ever needed assistance, or guidance, while on vacation... or holiday? Ever wondered what kinds of recreations, attractions or entertainment were available while in a foreign country, or exotic location? Have you needed help with transportation schedules, lodging, travel services or tourism information? You've just entered the domain that offers you all of that and more: the UNDERGROUND WORLD NETWORK!

This website is the place where the traveler mentors the traveler... Where you may share your travel experiences, and learn other traveler's secrets. UWNet is the networking guide where you can get, and give advice, recommendations, plan, discuss, post events and memorialize your own experiences as a member of a community of world travelers.

If you have a favorite vacation spot, or would like to tell the world your travel victories, or even your travel horror stories, this is the place to do it. Join up, and we'll give the first one thousand users to write their travel story, a free lifetime Premium Membership.

Please feel free to poke around on the site, but you may notice that there isn't a lot on here as yet, and many of the features have yet to be integrated. Very soon you'll be able to meet and interact, make plans and share your experiences with travelers from all over the world. Join us, bookmark us and return often to be a member of a community that shares dreams.

TO GET STARTED: Choose the HOME button to read articles (Travel Stories in the left sidebar will do the same); in the content section you'll find a list of Regions of Planet Earth. If the Region has an asterisk (*) next to it, then it has an article somewhere in it's listings. A mouseover of a Region with an asterisk will show you the ten most recent articles added to that Regions pages, as links to the article. You may also add your Diary, or Travel Journal, to the site by mouseclicking on the Daily Diaries link in the left sidebar.

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Coming Attractions: Forums (Networks), Calendar of Events, News (Reporter Network), Chat Rooms, GeoMapping, Classified Ads, Directory Listings, Live Advice, Mobile-friendly browsing, Mobile Apps, Marketplace, Language Translation, Advertising and MUCH MORE!